NGPT partners up with Dana Rogers

The creator of The English Gym joins NGPT as an associated partner 

In 2019, Amber IT Solutions was commissioned to develop an ELT app for Dana Rogers, business English
teacher based in Milan. Based on her vast experience in working with Italian students, Dana compiled a
list of most the common problems her students face while learning English language and developed a
pool of resources and teaching materials to help them tackle those problems. With time, this database
grew larger and materials became more interactive. Putting them in an app was the next logical step.

That was beginning of partnership between Amber and Dana, and ultimately the birth of The English

The English Gym today covers more than 400 topics and more than 5000 quizzes and exercises, with
new content added weekly – all aligned with the CEFR. App users have access to different content based
on their English level. With such extensive experience in production of relevant language learning
materials, Dana Rogers makes an excellent associated partner for our NGPT project. With her guidance,
teachers from our project partner Jantar – International House Split have already created hundreds of
unique English language exercises, which were incorporated into The English Gym. In upcoming months,
these same exercises will be revisited and adjusted to fit the NGPT model. Therefore, this partnership is
directly improving the quality of our developed materials, as all of it is revised by an experienced
content writer. Not to mention – tested live by thousands of English Gym users!