Leading the way into a new era of language testing

Fully adaptive

Our tests use advanced mathematical algorithms coupled with innovative coding to ensure fully responsive and adaptive language task selection for each individual test taker.

Delivered digitally

You can take our placement tests using any device connected to the internet. Our testing app implements full responsive design ensuring positive user experience across devices.

Selection of languages

For the first time, single testing platform is used for English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Russian languages and more to be added in future.


Do you know what a placement test is?

Statistically speaking – you probably do! Studies show that most people take a language placement test to determine their language level at some point in their life. And that’s exactly what a test is used for: to determine your existing language skill!

Why should I know my language level?

Everyone is familiar with the CEFR these days and A1 – C2 level system. Knowing your language level is important for many reasons, just to name a few:
  • Enrolling a proper course in language school
  • Fulfilling a job requirement
  • Fulfilling university enrollment requirement
  • Listing your competences in a CV

How is our test different from others?

Did you know that the strength of a chess player is based on their actual play? Advanced algorithms embedded in modern computer software assess chess players based on a move-by-move basis, as a game is being played. Each player subsequently receives a specific ranking based on the quality of their gameplay. Even the most adaptive placement tests on the market do not utilize these kinds of advanced algorithms and are therefore not 100% correct, because there will always be some sort of individual factor that could potentially alter the final score. Our algorithms deliver high level of testing adaptation and determine language level with a surgical precision.